What Are The Material Characteristics Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

on July 03 at 02:03 PM

Aluminum plates are commonly used for wall protection and non-lighting facades. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is a series of metal composite plate products developed in combination with aluminum honeycomb panel technology in the aviation industry. The product adopts a "honeycomb sandwich" structure, that is, a high-strength alloy aluminum plate coated with a decorative coating with excellent weather resistance on the surface is used as a composite plate formed by compounding a surface, a bottom plate and an aluminum honeycomb core at high temperature and high pressure. In addition, besides aluminum alloy, the panel can also be made of other materials according to customer's requirements, such as copper, zinc, stainless steel, pure titanium, fire-proof plate, bell plate, marble, aluminum-plastic plate, etc.

Application scope of aluminum honeycomb panel:

Aluminum honeycomb panel originates from high-end products of aerospace materials used in civil product technology. Its panels can be used in a variety of ways, such as solid wood, aluminum plate, gypsum board, fire-proof board, MDF board, natural Dali stone, etc. At present, it is mainly used in the following aspects: architectural curtain wall decoration, ceiling, furniture honeycomb board, partition, elevator engineering, rail transportation, etc.

Material characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel´╝Ü

(1) Large plate surface, high level of:

Without any reinforcement measures, the dimensions of the aluminum honeycomb panel surface can reach 1500*5000mm and can maintain excellent flatness.

(2) Lightweight:

The weight of the aluminum honeycomb panel is only 5-5.5KG/ m2, which greatly reduces the bearing load of the building.

(3) High strength:

Can bear high-strength pressure and shear force, is not easy to deform, and can meet the requirements of wind pressure resistance of super high-rise buildings.

(4) Customization of products:

Aluminum honeycomb panel can be customized according to customers' requirements in terms of size, shape, paint finish and color.

(5) Easy installation:

Can be installed in any order, and each wall plate can be detached and replaced independently, thus improving the flexibility of installation and maintenance and reducing the cost.

(6) Box structure:

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a box-type structure with edge wrapping around, which has good tightness and improves the safety and service life of aluminum honeycomb panel.

(7) No welding and no visible nails:

When installing the base layer and the surface layer of the aluminum honeycomb panel, angle yards and screws shall be used to connect them, thus eliminating the welding of the framework. After installing the surface layer, there shall be no visible nails on the site and it shall be clean and tidy.

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