What is the career of the novice of Path of Exile?

on October 23 at 02:23 PM

As a brush map game, the Path of Exile is very demanding for players. Therefore, if a newbie wants to enter the pit in 2019, career choices are very important. So in the new year, what career is better for novices to choose? Here is the 2019 novice career recommendation for everyone.

In the role profession, The Path of Exile has six major choices when entering the game for the first time, namely Sacred Temple, Shadow Assassin, Marauder, Ranger, Duepst and Witch. With the arrival of Halloween, our also prepared a celebration for the players. The purpose of this event is only for carnival. Therefore, from October 23 to November 3, POE Currency will be purchased on this site. POE Orbs, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb users We will provide Use Code "Halloween" to enjoy the carnival price of 8% Off, now go buy Orbs, you can't miss it, miss it and wait another year!

Also, in any role to clear the ordinary difficulty, the correct statement is that the final head is not far away to save the nobility, there will be more hidden characters noble can choose to play. If you break the ordinary but don't see the nobility, remember to reopen the game.

Honestly, I would recommend everyone directly to the role of selecting a character... It’s good to choose the image you like. Because of the unique skilled gem setting" and "genius disk" systems of The Path of Exile, the role of the whole game has a high degree of freedom, and any character has a high degree of plasticity.

Does Barbarian want to play Master? OK! Does Shadow Assassin want to be an archer? No problem! Does Witch want to be a warrior? Can! Does the sacred monk want to play as a replacement? Oh... No, this game doesn't have a bloody job but as long as it is There are skills in the game, talents in the game, all professions can be cultivated according to what you want, there is no rigid provides POE Orbs trading services for players.

If there is no limit, what is the difference between occupations? Although there is no framework to limit the direction of the profession, each role does have a more appropriate "phase." This will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs to explain the talent disk system. Generally speaking, although the barbarian can play the general impression of the mage, it will take more time to train, and the overall strength will be direct with the witch. There is a slight gap in the route.

And these beliefs are easy to judge from the first impression of the character. The whole brave barbarian is suitable for the melee-related route at a glance, and the shadow assassin and the duelist are flexible characters associated with melee and agility. Aspects will be easier to have good performance. The nobles are a versatile person with a high degree of plasticity and a suitable route. And still relatively positive.

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