Do shed players as people get frustrated

on October 23 at 01:11 PM
The problem is they have a wide assortment of stats but they wear the specific same armour. Maybe Jagex could intrust selected people in freezing some accounts therefore Jagex can check them with OSRS gold, and they find a remedy to stop the bot farm? Bro I got a theory that jagex doesn't prohibit these bots since it makes it seem like there is constantly a lot of players on the internet, I mean it looks good if your sport has constant 80-100k gamers online. Plus bots gotta cover membership sometimes right.

I had been wanting to try and PK a number of those bots but still new and not sure what builds would place me in the degree range for these, some recommendations? I was planning on an obby mauler but that's all I've come up with this far.Personally, I want the value of things to skyrocket, so people may begin playing Runescape instead of merely buying gold and relying on golden farmers and bots for the minimal economy... MAKE RS GREAT AGAIN!its so poor that Runescape is completely screwed with all the bots. Appears like bots is purchasing bonds/mems thats why they arent banning them. As long as they've income, why ban ur possible earnings? thats business. Heres the way they probably believe. At the moment, the community suffer as robots destroys it, nevertheless jagex makes their money, thereby generating income. So in the short run, they'll leave it for the time being.

In long run, they do shed players as people get frustrated. By then, they'll think of something else to bring back the players, therefore its a winwin scenario for them once again. Lets make a clan in which the clan generates account and functions together to destroy bot farm over the course of a night. It would be an excellent Saturday night Party. haha. It would be really really enjoyable. It'd be like a"Mini-Game" in Runescape. Clan Bot Hunting. The Bot Farms are similar to the Old Evil Tree occasion because they take teamwork to destroy a Random NPC.

I use to make bots and gold farm with cheap RS gold, There are numerous technologies used when generating bots. It is not just 1 programming language. The issue is that we always outsmart Jagex. All my scripts would be kept confidential, this basically wouldn't let jagex grab on to me. Hope this provides some insight on why Jagex can't keep up. Additionally if any questions, ask away.

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