I artlessly admire some acceptable Borderlands cosplay

on June 18 at 08:03 PM
In adverse to CCosplay the endure brace of entries, these two are carefully business, giving us a arrangement of the Resident Evil 4 cover.

Mind you, this cosplay is so absolute that comparing these two to the absolute box awning is just uncanny. Yeah, these two adeptness be defective in the smiles department, but their adherence to the belief is just too accursed impressive.

I artlessly admire some acceptable Borderlands cosplay, because I just can’t get over how amazing it is that these guys get that acrylic detail down. Like, seriously, anyone DM me a tutorial on how something like this is possible, because at this point I just anticipate it’s witchcraft.

Paint detail abreast though, these two are annihilation it with this cosplay and it even looks like Doc Zed has been accepting out a bit more.
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