The RocketID Tab will appearance your online

on June 18 at 03:14 PM
“The Accompany Tab will affectation your accompany on your accepted platform,” Psyonix said. “The RocketID Tab will appearance your online accompany on all added platforms rocket league items. Afterwards the update, every amateur will be auto-assigned a RocketID, which will be your username followed by four randomly-generated numbers. You may change the chat allocation of your RocketID at any time.”

Players will aswell be able to accretion others that they afresh akin up against, so if there’s anyone who you decidedly did able-bodied with in a match, you can accretion them afresh in accession new tab to affair up afresh if both parties are willing.

“The Contempo Players tab calmly shows players you were afresh akin up with or against,” Psyonix added. “If you had solid aggregation allure with a randomly-matched player, you can calmly advanced that amateur a Acquaintance Appeal from the Contempo Players tab if they are on a altered platform.”
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