Overwatch the easiest way to get into the game is by playing Quick Play

on June 12 at 07:37 PM
Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter where you pick a hero character, with each Hero skills and play style being wildly different, and you team up with five other players to take on another team of six. There are multiple modes including escort missions, attacking and defending bases, and first to claim and keep. Between the different maps and the sheer variety of characters and playstyles, the game feels different each time you play.

From the extremely expensive wreckage of Project Titan, Blizzard failed MMO that collapsed in on itself after seven years in development, the team managed to salvage something rather fantastic. At first Overwatch looked like an FPS MOBA, full of colorful characters with different move sets, but soon it became clear it was an arena shooter, trying to merge old school off-the-walls fun with new-school animation and design.

The easiest way to get into the game is by playing Quick Play. You can almost always jump into a match that hasn't even begun yet. On most of the different maps, the game uses an Attack/Defend game type. Each team composes of six players. The defending team will have to guard either a small area of the map or a moving vehicle, depending on the map. The attacking team will have to break through their defenses and get to the objective.

As the industry shifted, Blizzard rolled with the punches and cancelled Titan, while announcing a smaller, team-based cooperative shooter called Overwatch. Initial reactions to the news scaled from disappointment to frustration, but now that the bizarre shooter has arrived, it’s clear that Blizzard was right all along. Do you need Overwatch Boosting services? You can check out our website, the Fast & Reliable Overwatch Boosting Services are waiting for you.

Every hero has its counter. Although Bastion may be incredibly powerful against opposing characters as they rush to capture a control point, or move through a bottleneck, it can't stand up to a Widowmaker or a Hanzo at range. Turn its turret against a Genji, with his deflection ability, and the only damage you will deal will be to yourself. And there's the problem that comes with remaining stationary: you'll want to be wary of flanking characters too. If you're not paying attention, a Reaper or a Tracer could show up and you're done for

What got me into the game, however, was the new Deathmatch mode! I held off on purchasing Overwatch until a free weekend a few months ago, where I got to take the Deathmatch mode for a run. I have since branched out into some of the other team modes and am really enjoying the game. For each character, it is easy to understand what makes them strong, but it is hard to master their abilities to make the most of each match.

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